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Nonprofit & NGOs

We know how to work within a nonprofit budget to produce big budget results.


  • Angelwish enriches the lives of children living with HIV/AIDS.

Unified Help

  • A free service provided by The Radley Center, the Unified Help platform allows nonprofits to post listings that outline specific requests for disaster assistance and allows average people or corporations to respond and provide requested materials.

Operation Angels Rise

  • Operation Angels Rise is a multinational nonprofit dedicated towards raising funds and awareness for children throughout the Caribbean. From a Children’s hospital in Jamaica to orphans in Haiti, Operation Angels Rise taps into the considerable Caribbean population within the United States and seeks to lift up disadvantaged children throughout the Caribbean region.

40 Days of Prayer

  • leads people into a deeper prayer life through devotionals and study materials that are designed specifically to teach them how to pray, what to pray and why to pray.

Project Miracle

  • Propheta is in the starting stages of helping a retired teacher bike around the world to raise funds and awareness for children’s issues.