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We Have Some Grey On Our Temples

The Propheta team is comprised of senior executives with fifteen or more years of experience in public relations, digital media, social networking and content creation. We maintain formidable reporter networks and we understand that results are required early and often.

Our client experience ranges from some of the greatest startups to the Fortune 500. Companies from Telluride to Tel Aviv look to Propheta to build their reputation and drive meaningful action via the news media.

Our business acumen enables us to create and execute long and short-term campaigns in a swift, agile and professional manner. Experience counts; public relations is far more than placing a phone call to the midtown news room.

The Propheta Team is comprised of bright, experienced and results-driven professionals who hold a genuine enthusiasm for our mission. Since early 2013, their expertise in media relations, social media and related disciplines built a formidable leadership position for CAMS within our industry. They are consummate listeners and their reporter networks and understanding of the evolving communications landscape continue to benefit us.

Tony Wooten