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These Alcohol-Filled Frozen Pops Are Perfect For Summer

Summertime is about the simple things in life, like the chill of an Otter Pop on a hot day. But this is 2018, and all of the best treats from the ‘90s have been boozified. Slim Chillers Skinny Freezers, a line of alcohol-filled freeze pops, has taken the clear plastic tubes of flavored ice that we all know and love and added alcohol.

Skinny Freezers are eight percent abv and just 100 calories. According to the Slim Chillers website, they’re made with eight-times distilled and charcoal filtered vodka. They come in four flavors: Cosmopolitan (cranberry, orange and lime flavor), Watermelon Lemonade, Appletini (“like biting into a Granny Smith apple”) and Lemon Drop (“just the right lemon zest and flavor”). Who even cares about the low calories? These popsicles are stronger than a beer and, brain freeze aside, too easy to crunch down.

Quick caveat: Skinny Freezers have alcohol in them, so they can take awhile to freeze. Multiple people on the company’s Instagram account have complained about the pops not freezing, so make sure your freezer temperature is set as low as it can go and leave them in there for awhile.

Based in Las Vegas (where else?), Slim Chillers has been slinging nostalgic alcopops since 2012. Instagram user Kerifalc found them at a Costco, and they’re also available in BevMo stores on the West coast. For the rest of us not on the side of the country where every day is perfect weather for for an alcopop, you can buy Slim Chillers online at Hi-Time Wine Cellars. Now go live your best life in the summer sunshine with a boozy popsicle in hand.