The application market may be shrinking, but the Propheta Team succeeded in placing UrbanWonderer front-and-center in Mashable’s widely read Lifestyle section. Our client enjoyed a dramatic increase in downloads as a result.

Our team engineered a fantastic story in the Los Angeles Times on behalf of Efexio.

Our team generated a broad collection of positive product reviews for Pocket Desktop. Producing a review by Boston's influential tech reporter was the icing on the cake.

A classic positioning piece that helped define a client's presence in a crowded industry.

Our continuing outreach to the major news media produced a positive and constructive review in the New York Daily News.

crains new york business publication Our efforts for Unpakt also brought about a Launch Day feature in New York’s most respected  business publication.

Wall Stret Journal Our successful launch of Unpakt generated excellent results (despite a competitor’s launch two weeks prior). Our team of seasoned PR pros brought about a positive feature in the Wall Street Journal’s widely-read, All Things Digital section.

Apps and Groupons may be hot, but our team prevailed in orchestrating a fawning feature for EagleView Technologies – a digital roof measurement service that’s red hot in the insurance and roofing industries.

Less than a day after appearing in CNN\Money (see above), we engineered a second feature for EagleView Technologies in another leading outlet.

The New York Times

Our teams’ established relationships with influential reporters and columnists resulted in a “Quick Call” mention of Pyrolia’s Road Inc. application in Mr. Tedeschi’s influential App Smart column.

A video feature for one of the New York area’s most respected cake designers, Palermo Bakery

The New York Times

The Propheta Team initially placed an article in an influential trade publication for EnergyCAP. We then leveraged the story and data into a more detailed piece in the New York Times.

A classic thought leadership piece in the one of the Nation’s most influential dailies. InventHelp’s President provides vital perspective on the state of the Inventor Services Industry.

The Propheta Team’s outreach resulted in a laudatory review
in Gizmodo, the leading technology blog.

The New York Times

A week of pitching and dialogue with Times reporters positioned our client as an industry leader and innovator.
The New York Times

Mac Life

A classic leadership positioning feature for a start-up.